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relaxed and safe diving at elba


Sunbathing instead of dragging – here you dive stress free. Between the dives you can leave your gear on the boats, while we take care of cyinders and weights for you. Just enjoy diving on our boats, and relax while we take you to the most beautiful divesites of Elba.

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After the dive a soft drink awaits you on our sun terrace and we are happy to hear about your dive: while sunbathing you can leaf through books and marine life sheets searching for info about the fish you just met underwater.


heading to the most beautiful divesites of the isle of elba


We regularly visit divesites 1-10 & 24. Sites 11-16 and 18-23 are normally destination of our daily trips, where we’ll spend the whole day on board. This trips include two dives and lunch served by our team members. Sites 17 & 25 are accessible on request by car. 

Please take into consideration that all trips depend on weather and wind conditions.

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1. Sassi Neri
rocks covered by coralligenous between -10 m and -18 m, it descends down to -35 m where you’ll find big rocks populated by groupers and sometimes sunfish

2. Punta Nera/Airplane wreck
ideal for beginners and photographers, at -14 m you’ll find an airplane wreck covered with sponges; well protected bay, suitable also for wavy days

3. Capo Calvo
the area drops progressively to great depth, red gorgonias can be found from -25 / -30 m; lots of barracuda schools

4. Picchi di Pablo
vertical wall that drops to -38 m, with many openings and fissures in the rocks

5. Punta Galera
shoal starting from -25 m up to -6 m, rich in fish and soft coral also at shallow depth

6. Grottoni
rocky structures that drop to -40 m, along the shore there are many passages and swim throughs

7. Ripalti
cape that extends from -5 m to -25 m, where you’ll find a big rock descending down to -35 m

8. Remaiolo
small island that offers walls, red gorgonias and many schools of fish

9. Gemini
shoal almost getting to the surface, many swimptroughs and overhead passages with a max depth of anout -25 m

10. Corbelli
rocks that grow up to 3 / 4 meters above the surface, creating an underwater ‘labyrinth’ with max depth -20 m

11. Punta Morcone
small wall from -12 m to -35 m

12. Scoglio che Bara
group of rocks with walls covered with parazoanthus

13. Capo Stella
small rocky island dropping down to -40 m, rich in red gorgonia

14. Capo Fonza
marvellous wall covered with red coral from -30 m, with small caves and narrow passages

15. Secca di Fonza
shoal with a nice wall

16. Scoglio della Triglia
small rocky island, from -20 m drops to the depth; at -17 m you will find a statue of the holy Virgin

17. Pomonte Wreck
fascinating shipwreck; easily accessible from the shore, where you can leave your car

18. Palmaiola
island with a lighthouse, typically hit by strong currents and therefore visited by many stingrays

19. Cerboli
small island with tiny caves and passages

20. Secca di Capo Vita
shoal with swimtroughs and small caves, max depth -15 m

21. Lo Scoglietto di Portoferraio
marine protected area since 1971; this lighthouse isle is populated by groupers and big schools of fish

22. Secca di Santa Lucia
rocky shoal covered with coralligenous from -12 m to -25 m

23. Enfola
small island very close to the shore

24. Cannelle
two shoals at -10 m dropping to -40 m, thriving with red gorgonias from -28 m

25. San Andrea
the sea bottom drops progressively up to a small wall covered with coralligenous and Parazoanthos; the divesite is easily accessible by car

flora & fauna

the fascinating underwater world of elba


A picture is worth more than thousands words, so we show you in advance what awaits you here!

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Dive torches light up the colors of red and yellow Gorgonias. With optimal conditions and visibility between 30 – 40 meters, encounters with lobsters, moray eels, damselfish and cuttelfish are occur daily here at Elba.

Do not forget to look into the blue, where you will easily spot schools of barracuda and the odd sunfish.

we look forward to your visit


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