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sunbathing instead of dragging


We normally organize our day in two boat trips. Our divesites are just 20 to 45 minutes from our Diving Center. Once per week we organize a night dive and on demand we can organize daytrips to reach the furthest divesites of Southern Elba.

[single dive: 50,- €]

[10 dives: 400,- €]

[package 2 dives including equipment and guide: 165,-]

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During our divetrips we take into consideration the training level of our guests. Unexperienced divers with less than 25 logged dives are guided by our certified divemasters in small groups of max 4 people. More experienced divers (on the basis of their certifications and logbooks) are allowed to plan the dive with their buddy as they wish. And our students will become skilled and responsible divers thanks to our certified instructors.

course offers

learn scuba diving with omnisub

Try Scuba

“Why don’t give it a try?!” this is the motto for this experience. In the Bay, in pool-like conditions, it is possible to swim underwater with the help of our SCUBA gear.

Our tip: the practical skills perfomed during Try Scuba can be recognized in case you decide to start a SSI “Open Water Diver Course” without additional charge

[Price: 75,- €]


SSI open water diver

The first oficial certification! This course is the first step to your underwater adventure, giving you a worldwide recognized certification. After the course you can independently dive under your own responsability with another partner up to a depth of 18 m. For your own safety, however, at OmniSub you will be guided by an istructor or a divemaster for your first 25 dives. The groups are never larger than 4 people.

[Price: 490,- €]

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SSI Open Water Diver course gives you the education necessary to become an independent SCUBA Diver. By reading the online learning materiel you’ll get acquainted with diving physics, physiology, and dive planning. You’ll then perform in confined water the practical skills necessary for your open water training dives.

Duration: for a relaxed course you should consider at least 4 – 5 days.

Prerequisites: medical statement that certifies your suitability for SCUBA diving, parental permission (for minors). Minimum age is 12 years (Junior Open Water).

SSI advanced adventure diver

You will receive an overview on different topics of SCUBA diving. This course consists of 5 dives that cover different topics such as deep diving, wreck diving, navigation, night diving, fish ID and more). You can freely choose the topics you want to study.

[Price: 395,- € without equipment, 475,- € with equipment]

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Prerequisites: SSI Open Water Diver or equivalent, medical statement that certifies your suitability for SCUBA diving. Minumum age is 12 years (Junior Advanced Adventure Diver), under 18 years parental permission is required.

Duration: we can organize the dives with great flexibility. You should consider at leat 3 days, however it is possible to finish the course within 2 days.

SSI advanced open water diver

This certification qualifies you as advanced diver, whereas you carried out at least 4 specialty courses. You can choose and combine different specialty courses and it is possible to convert up to 2 specialty courses from other agencies / federations.

[Price: on request]

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Improve your knowledge of SCUBA diving by completing 4 different specialty courses, increase your depth limit up to 40 meters, improve your safety with nitrox, learn how to night dive or enhance your navigation skills. We are here to advise you!

Examples of possible combinatons

Specialty Deep Diving – allows diving up to a depth of 40 m

Specialty Navigation – learn to find your way back to the boat by natural navigation and by using your compass

Specialty Perfect Buoyancy – train a better buoyancy for you and for the environment 

Other specialty courses such as Night Diving, Drysuit Diving, Nitrox and much more are always available: https://www.divessi.com/de/advanced-training/highlights/continue-diving

With 4 specialty courses and 24 logged dives you will automatically recognized as SSI Advanced Open Water Diver and you will receive the connected recognition card

specialty courses

our offer for advanced divers

All specialty courses by OmniSub have the same price. The course-related dives are charged separately, so that you always can keep the costs under control and manage the course with flexibility.

The following courses are available:

Enriched Air Nitrox: dive with air mixtures up to 40 % oxygen

During this course you will learn to dive with nitrox mixtures up to 40 % oxygen. You’ll be informed about advandages and disadvantages of diving with nitrox. You’ll be able to analyse and register your mixture, to calculate your maximal operational depth and your bottom time based on the nitrox mixture in use.

Deep diving

During this course, that consists of 3 dives, you’ll learn the theory and practical skills necessary for diving down to a depth of maximum 40 meters (limit for recreational diving). The course will concern topics such as nitrogen saturation, safety measures, dedicated equipment and all what you will need for a safe deep dive and subsequent ascent.


In this course you will learn the fundamental of underwater navigation based on the surrounding environment aa well as how to use a compass. Thanks to our exhaustve briefings you will be able to come back to the boat in complete autonomy.

Night and Limited Visibility

Night diving requires particular navigation and buoyancy skills, as well as dedicated equipment such as torches. An exhaustive briefing and an accurate dive plan are also necessary. You will always remember of your first night dive!

Drysuit Diving

In case of low temperature a drysuit is the perfect solution for a pleasant dive! This course will teach you the skills necessary for diving with a drysuit.

Further specialty courses are available on request!

rent equipment

rent our equipment


We have available about fifty 8, 10, 12 and 15 liters cylinders to meet all needs in terms of air consumption. Our mares regulators are maximum 2 years old. Wetsuits and BCDs are available in all sizes. Of course we have always enough regulators, dive computers and torch for all our guests. All the equipment of course undergoes periodic mantainance and inspection by experienced personal.

boat rental

discover the isle of elba on your own on a rental boat for clubs


The boat SISTO is available for groups up to 12 divers who want to organize their holiday on their own. The smallest of our boats has a WC on board as well as a compressor for the daily cylinder filling, so we do not sacrifice comfort. Your club holiday can be organized independently from the daily business activity of our Diving Center.

[Price for boat rental: 3.800,- €]

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Rental price includes 2 dive trips per day, cylinders filling, gasoline and an experienced skipper.

Price is for one week (normally Monday to Friday). As our boat rental is one of the preferred options for diver groups from all over Europe, we suggest you to contact us in advance to check availability.

stand up paddle sup

fun for the whole family


Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the new fashion for everyone, and OmniSub is not an exception. Rent your SUP board and slide quietfully on the water – a new way of enjoying sun and sea!

[Price: 15,- €/hour]

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With our SUP boards you can get to the next bay or just dive in the water for a swim far away from the crowded beach. SUP is fun and is good for body and balance. Kids can sit on the board and help mom and dad by paddling. Fun for the whole family!

hiking tours

guided tours on selected topics


Our certified guide Viola will take you on hiking tours on the Isle of Elba, giving you a lot of information about history and nature of the territory.

Explore the “Pearl of Mediterranean” also above the sea surface in a new way and learn about the Island.

Our hiking tours are available in Italian and English.

[Price: on request]

italian language courses

learn the italian language with carla


Ciao, come stai? We offer you a language course with a phenomenal view. Polish up your language skills or learn your first sentences.

[Price: 310,- €/10h/week]

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Carla Fanelli, a retired English and History teacher from Porto Azzurro, has a lot of experience in teaching adults. She is thrilled to dive into the beautiful Italian language with you – in singular courses or in groups of four persons max. A perfect opportunity: apply and use what you’ve learnt with carla during your stay. That is how you learn a language with fun, right?

we look forward to your visit


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