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Mirjana, Markus and the OmniSub-Team welcome you to the homepage of OmniSub, the dive center Elba at Barbarossa bay/ Porto Azzuro.

With OmniSub you can experience the Mediterranean underwater world up close. The rocky coast of Elba, where you can find our diving grounds, is also continuing under water.

Reefs and sharp drops, which reach down to the biggest depths of the island, build up the scenery of a glorious underwater flora and -fauna.

Yellow and red forests of sea fans glow magically in the light of the underwater lamps. With mostly optimal water conditions and a visibility range from 30 to 40 meters, meetings with spiny lobsters, morays, myriads of damsel fish, squids as well as conger eels are part of the daily agenda.

A look into the blue water is often rewarded with a glance of a shoal of barracudas or the bizarre ocean sunfish.






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Mirjana und Markus Schempp
Loc. Barbarossa 23
I-57036 Porto Azzurro


Email an: info@omnisub.com

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